Saturday, October 5, 2013

40 weeks! Eviction notice has been sent!

How big is Baby Girl? I'm officially smuggling a pumpkin in there, and I'm officially PAST DUE!
How are you feeling? Pretty good. Tired. Ready to meet this girl. I had a dream that she was born and was so beautiful that we cried because we were like, "WE MADE THIS!"
How's Tony feeling? Pretty good. Ready to meet his little girl. 
News? Um...still pregnant. 
House projects? We need to put the rest of the shelves in the closet. And I did some minor fixing of the nursery. Shhh, I stood on a chair and replaced drapery hardware. Don't tell Tony. 
Cravings? Baked goods. Coke. 
How's that belly button? I've forgotten what it used to look like when it was an innie. 
Labor signs? The baby has dropped. I am having a few contractions but nothing timeable. Also, period type cramps, and I have periods where my vag hurts SO MUCH that I want to cry. 

Baby girl, you are officially being given your eviction notice! 13 days until we have to induce, and I'd much rather not have to induce and meet you sooner rather than later. Please make your way to the exit in a safe and orderly fashion. And Lord, please help me to remember that these last days with just Tony are a precious gift that we won't see for the next 18+ years. We are ready, but we need to savor this time. 

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  1. Even though they sound like they suck, I am jealous of your cramps and contractions!!!!!! Hoping to read VERY SOON that baby girl is here!!!